Saturday, February 21

Unicode - ASCII

The most popular character set being used was ASCII. ASCII is the acronym from American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII character set includes 128 different character including upper cases and lower cases English alphabets , numbers and others special characters, each of these characters is represented by a unique number ranging from 0 to 127.
In java uses different character sets called as Unicode. Unicode uses 16 bit to represent one character and supports 256 characters. Of there, first 1287 characters are the same as those in the ASCII character set. The remaining characters are used t represent the characters of other language like Tamil, Hindi, Latin, Greek, Arabic and so on.

Sunday, February 15

JDBC - Metadata

Metadata is the information about data such as properties and structures of a table. For example a data base contains the employee table that has the name, address, salary and department columns. The Meta data of the employee table includes information, such as name of the columns, data type of each column, and constraints to enter data value in the table columns. JDBC API provides two metadata interfaces to retrieve the information about the database and result set, Database Metadata interface and Result Set Metadata interface.

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