Friday, June 26

Degenerated Dimension

Date Dimension corresponds to Date Key, Production Dimension corresponds to Production Key. In a traditional parent-child database, POS Transactional Number would be the key to the transaction header record that contains all the info valid for the transaction as a whole, such as the transaction date and store identifier. But in this dimensional model, we have already extracted this info into other dimension. Therefore, POS Transaction Number looks like a dimension key in the fact table but does not have the corresponding dimension table. Therefore, POS Transaction Number is a degenerated dimension.

Procedural programming

Procedural programming can sometimes be called as imperative programming, but can also refer as programming paradigm based upon the concept of the procedure call.In Procedural programming, for a given problem, variables are identified and instructions are written using the variables in the correct sequence to get required result. Using a procedural language, the programmer specifies language statements to perform a sequence of algorithmic steps.
 Some times conditional transfer control from one part of the program to another can also be done. In most cases Procedural programming is better choice than simple sequential or unstructured programming. This method is mainly used to solve scientific and engineering problems involving variables, with the discrete result as the out put of the program.

Sunday, June 21


An algorithm is a rough writing of program. It consists of step by step instruction to solve a given problem. The step will appear in wish the problem has to be solved, so that the correct out put can be achieved. The information to be given like input, out put and way it has to deliver are also defined. This makes the work of the programmer easy and also for the second program who takes of the work in maintenance farm to easy. So it is always advised to deliver a correct algorithm before moving to the next step of programming.


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