Thursday, December 3


Cucumber is low in calories. It belongs to family member of melons, pumpkins and winter squash, but they are not as nutritious. Cucumbers are approximately 95 percent water, they are very low in calories; a cup of slices contains fewer than 15 calories. They often recommend as a natural diuretic and it is also use as salad ingredient in your food.Cucumber juice contains some alpha hydroxyl acids which improve the effectiveness of facial masks, and other cosmetic products. In most of the countries they are diced and mixed with herbs and yogurt to serve as a salad. They are also stuffed and baked or serve as a cooked side dish, as well as used in vinaigrette, tartar sauces and cold soups

Monday, November 30


Whether they are eaten whole, added to fruit salads, baked goods, puddings, meat dishes, plums are nutritious low calorie food. One medium size fresh plum contains only 36 calories and is a good source of such dietary fibers as cellulose and pectin. Dried form of plums becomes prunes which has some source of calories and nutrients. Plums contain anthocyanins the reddish blue pigments that lend them their intense color. These antioxidant pigments protect against cancer and heart disease by mopping up the free radicals, unstable molecules that damage cells. They are 140 varieties of plums available in North America and they are five main types such as American, damson, European, Japanese and ornamental plums. Plums may produce an allergic reaction in susceptible people and people who have allergic to aspirin may also encounter problem after they have eaten plums.

Friday, October 2


The word pomegranate is old French for “seeded apple,” a fitting name for this apple-sized fruit filled with jewel-like cluster of red seeds. There are many types of pomegranates cultivated around the world. One of the most popular in North America is called Wonderful. It is perhaps the best pomegranate for juicing. The fruit is available from fall to early winter. Pomegranates have a leathery, deep red to purplish rind. The fruit can be eaten out of hand by deeply scoring vertically and then breaking it apart. The clusters of juice sacs are then lifted our and eaten. . One fruit yields about 1/3 cup of juice. The juice can be used to make jellies, sorbets, or sauces, as well as to flavor cakes and baked apples.

Friday, September 25


Bread is good source of complex carbohydrates and high in niacin, riboflavin and other B complex vitamins. Bread is huge variety of baked goods available to us at our supermarkets and bakeries today different shape and it represent a dietary melding of dozens of diverse cultures. The simplest and oldest breads are flat, or unleavened; they are made by mixing flour or meal with water and then baking, frying or steaming it. In many industrial countries the most popular breads are made from wheat flour, which produces a product a product with a light texture. Bread provides starch, protein and some vitamins and minerals it is far from being nutritionally complete. In general whole grain flours are more nutritious than their highly processed counterparts; they also provide more dietary fiber.

Saturday, September 19


It is an excellent source of vitamin C. and contains folate and potassium low in calories and high in fiber and provide anticancer bioflavonoids. Strawberries are a good source of pectin and other soluble fibers that help lower cholesterol.They contain bioflavonoids, including red anthocyanin and ellagic acid; substances that may help prevent some cancers. Cooking does not destroy ellagic acid, so even strawberry pie and jam may be beneficial. Strawberries can be stored whole in the refrigerator for a few days ..unwashed strawberries have been linked to outbreaks of infectious diarrhea to avoid molding, wash the fruit just before serving it. Strawberries may contain relatively high levels of pesticide residues, so consider buying organic varieties.

Tuesday, September 15


It is an excellent source of beta carotene, a compound that can function as an antioxidant and can also be converted by the body into vitamin A. deficiency of vitamin A does cause night blindness, an inability of the eyes to adjust to dim lighting or darkness. Vitamin A combines with therotein opsin in the retina’s rod cells to form rhodopsin which is needed for bright vision. Eating one carrot every few days provides enough vitamin A to prevent or overcome night blindness. An interesting fact is cooking actually increases carrots nutritional value because it breaks down the tough cellular walls that encase the beta carotene. Cooked and purees carrots are an ideal beginner food as they are naturally sweet and high in nutrients.

Sunday, September 13

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also called as ascorbic acid and it is one kind of water soluble vitamin. The true fact about vitamin C is that both human and mammals don’t have the ability to make there own vitamin C, it has to be obtained through proper diet. But vitamin C is very mush needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of our body. It is very important for process of healing wounds and for repair and maintenance of bones and teeth. The amount of vitamin C needed for the human body is quite high. Unripe food in general has lower vitamin C than in ripped foods. The amount of vitamin C is much higher in the case of fresh foods. In general all fruits and vegetables contain some amount of vitamin C, but the foods that contain higher amount of vitamin C, like green peppers, strawberries, broccoli, turnip greens, citrus fruits, sweet and white potatoes, and cantaloupe. One of the best way to get proper vitamin C is to carry out a roper diet.

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