Friday, May 15


Philately means collecting postage stamps. It is hobby which can reward in many ways. This name was given by a French man called M.F. Firpin. First an English lady started collecting stamps in 1841. She actually spread this hobby to the world. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was the single biggest collector. The first postage stamp was introduced in England in 1840. In India the first stamp was introduced in Sind province in 1852. A philatelist has divided his collection in to mountain, rivers, crops, birds, flowers, animals, insects, sports and games. They can also be sorted in order of years. The letter that comes to your house or to your friend’s house may bear the stamp. That can be peeled off and kept. They can also obtain from other philatelists or some shop. All the collection stamps can be pasted in an album in a particular order. A small write-up should be given under each stamp. It will be very useful for the collector and other to know about the country and picture in the stamp. So it is rewarding pastime.

Friday, May 1

Important of physical activity

Too mush sugar in the blood can cause damage to many parts of body, including to blood vessels. Some life habits may also raise the risk of heart diseases. Diet and exercise work to gather help you body work properly. If you have changed your diet to lose weight, excising can help you lose weight faster. You and your doctor can plan safe excises that will work for you. 

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