Sunday, June 21


An algorithm is a rough writing of program. It consists of step by step instruction to solve a given problem. The step will appear in wish the problem has to be solved, so that the correct out put can be achieved. The information to be given like input, out put and way it has to deliver are also defined. This makes the work of the programmer easy and also for the second program who takes of the work in maintenance farm to easy. So it is always advised to deliver a correct algorithm before moving to the next step of programming.


Carms said...

nice blog

gab's mom said...

yeah, i agree with carms. this is a nice blog.

i know a lot of people who do programming for a living. it's nice to get more info about it as it's not my field. :-) said...

Yes, I always prepare algorithms/pseudocodes before I begin my scripting.

Shalini Samuel said...

Good Work friend.. Keep it up..
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